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Trade Account Application

Apply Online

Please complete this online form, after submission you will be able to upload the following additional requirements:

  1. Copy of VAT Registration Documents

  2. Copy of Company Registration Certificate

  3. Letter of introduction on letter head signed by director

  4. Two trade references

  5. Copy of director’s passport / driving license and utility bill in company name





YOUR COMPANY TRADE REFERENCES (Excluding freight companies)

Trade Reference 1

Trade Reference 2






I am the authorised applicant to sign on behalf of the applicant and hereby apply to open an account with Click Entertainment Limited and declare that the information given on this account application is accurate and complete.

Terms and Conditions of Trade

Click here to view the terms and conditions

I have read and fully understood the Click Entertainment Limited Sales Terms and conditions.

Third Party References

As part of our due diligence procedures we must ensure that two proper third party references are obtained for any company wishing to trade with Click Entertainment Limited. Such measures ensure that we are dealing with individuals within an organisation and said organisation is of good standing.

Any references sought will be strictly private and confidential and shall be for the said purpose of establishing the credibility and good standing of your company.

I hereby authorise Click Entertainment Limited to approach the third parties named for an independent reference.

Joint and Several Liability / Due Diligence

Do any of the company directors hold any other directorship or interests in any other companies trading in the IT/Computer/Electronics/Communications Sector (except any companies that form part of a group of companies directly related to this application)?

Have any of the company directors ever filed for bankruptcy or been disqualified as a director?

Do any of the company directors have any criminal convictions, criminal cases or VAT tribunals pending for any criminal offences other than minor road traffic offences?

Are you aware of HM Customs and Excise statement of joint and several liability?

Are you aware of HMRCs regulations regarding VAT, and specifically VAT notice 726 – “Joint and several liability for unpaid VAT”?

Is the company up-to-date with both filing and payment of corporate taxes including VAT?

Have you ever had a VAT assessment raised against you or do you have outstanding enquiries or appeal with HM Customs and Excise?

Do you carry out reasonable checks on the legitimacy and integrity of all your suppliers and customers?

Do you take reasonable steps to ensure the commercial validity and integrity of every transaction or deal that you enter into?

Can you confirm that your organisation, your suppliers or any affiliated entities do not use any child labour, forced labour or human trafficking and that all of your employees are legally employed?

How did you hear about Click Entertainment Limited?

I confirm that the above information is accurate and complete.

Apply By E-mail

Please complete this Trading Account Application form and return a signed copy by e-mail or fax.

Additional Requirements

  1. Copy of VAT Registration Documents

  2. Copy of Company Registration Certificate

  3. Letter of introduction on letter head signed by director


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